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SQL Joins – Part 2: Performance Tips and Tricks & Benchmark

This is the second article from SQL Joins series, you can find the first article here. It talks about the basic concepts of joins and compares between different types of inner and outer joins. If you aren't familiar with SQL Joins, kindly, read it first. Now, we are...

SQL Joins – Part 1: Difference between Inner Join and Outer Join

The concept of SQL joins is a must-have skill. Every developer should be able to use it in different use-cases with the best performance possible. This tutorial reveal the difference between Inner Join and Outer Join (Left Outer Join and Right Outer Join) in practical...

Reverse Engineering MBTI Tests

MBTI is one of the most well known methods used in recruitment process. HR departments in a lot of businesses relies heavily on the results of MBTI tests; however, the problem starts to come into focus when the results don't reflect the correct outcome , or at least...


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