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Reverse Engineering MBTI Tests

MBTI is one of the most well known methods used in recruitment process. HR departments in a lot of businesses relies heavily on the results of MBTI tests; however, the problem starts to come into focus when the results don't reflect the correct outcome , or at least...

Step-by-step to a USABLE KDE Archlinux Installation (Updated 2018)

[Under continuous development] Archlinux is still, by far, my best linux distro of all times. Although I've installed archlinux a number of times before, I still forget some steps which leaves me inside an inoperable archlinux installation. So this post is for...

Reset WordPress password using FTP only

Sometimes, you get yourself locked outside wordpress without any way to reset your password using email and you don't have database access. So here is the simplest way to reset your password without database access, only FTP is required. Create new file inside you...


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