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Top 10 April fools’ day pranks 2015

Motorola : Selfie Stick  Ok, handcrafted selfie sticks aren’t a thing. But a Moto X with real wood or genuine leather is. Customize yours with natural materials or endless colorful hues — even take the perfect selfie using your voice. Build yours on Moto Maker today....

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Everything is vulnerable II : Internet wars

Q1. Why was this post written ? This post is highly recommended for all web surfers regardless of their interests; from online shoppers to social networks users. Millions of defrauding are attempted every day and actually many succeed ! As a matter of fact, if you are...

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Everything is vulnerable : Introduction

“Everything is vulnerable” is a series of posts about computer vulnerabilities, malwares, hacking and security. There is one fact to Illustrate and one goal to reach. The fact : Everything is vulnerable. The goal : Everything can be secured ! This series contains a...

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